Viktor Schorkops, Company founder: „There will always be a way.

Our new company premises, in the industrial park „Zur Domäne“ in Bütgenbach in Belgium, Viktor Schorkops is still very present today in 2014. His portrait is hanging in the entrance stairwell in the beautiful new building, which the company moved into in 2005. It shows an established sixty year old with a broad smile and sparkling bright eyes ...

Compared to the pioneer years the contrast couldn’t be bigger in the now bright and inviting entrance area, because Viktor Schorkops started his company in 1967 in the basement of his private home in Büllingen.

In the beginning the lathe operator specialized on the manufacturing of flanges (“bride” in french) for cooling fans for trucks built by Mercedes. But additionally to the automobile industry also the paper industry in Malmedy near by recognizes the potential of the small business. Thanks to regular assignments from Intermills (later Gruppo Cordenons) in Malmedy and partnership that spanned over decades, Mecabride establishes a unique expertise in the paper industry, which even after 40 years – according to the technical sales representative Francis Bracco, who has been working there for many years – says “that it made his son, the current Boss Eric Schorkops, one of the most valued and respected experts in this field today”.

In 1997 Eric Schorkops, certified electrical mechanic, joins his father’s business. Three years later, with a new focus on planning and development of special machinery, the business moves into a two story hall in Weywertz, which also makes the complete manufacturing of machines possible. Mecabride employs the first engineer. The workshop employs now 3 skilled workers.

Now also businesses in the wood-, plastic- and metal industries trust Mecabride more and more with the constructions of special equipment, which forces father and son after just four years from leaving the basement into a brand new hall, to consider building a bigger manufacturing hall and an adjacent office complex.

In October 2005 Mecabride moves into its current location. Equipped with the office of studies, a huge manufacturing hall and offices, the conception and assembly of custom machinery and prototypes seem unstoppable.

Eric Schorkops had the mile stones of the history of this company carved into the steps of the elegant stainless steel staircase, which winds itself from the ground floor to the first floor: Currently the last entry is the death of Viktor Schorkops, who died only three weeks after having moved into the new premises at the age of 68. “It’s almost as if my father waited for the company to move here and resume its normal business ...” , Eric Schorkops says.

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